*Creative Communication Skills Complete Set


Creative Communication Skills is a speech course based on the book, The Art of Storytelling (2014) by John Walsh. The author gives 14 Steps for preparing a captivating story, and 7 tools for presenting a captivating story.

The complete set includes 6 workbooks and answer key.

Recommended for Grades 8-12.


The workbooks include the text of the material presented as well as study questions and quizzes. A separate text book is not needed. In addition to the written material, links are provided to additional resources and online videos that illustrate the concepts being taught in the workbooks.

The course material is self-instructional. However, there are many suggested group activities, making the learning experience adaptable for families, small groups, or school settings. Each student workbook has a pull-out Test in the center.

The complete set includes 6 workbooks and answer key.

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