K5 Math Textbook Kit from BJU Press


Start building a strong foundation for math success with Math K5 (4th Edition) from BJU Press. Math K5 uses manipulatives to develop understanding of addition, subtraction, measurement, and geometry.


Want some friends to help teach your child math in a fun, relevant way? Your child will no longer dread math class! Characters such as Farmer Brown, Mrs. Brown, and Cheddar help make learning fun! Start building a strong foundation for math success with Math K5 (4th Edition) from BJU Press. Math K5 teaches math interactively using manipulatives to help students understand math concepts. Lessons on number sense, addition, subtraction, measurement, time and calendar, geometry, and other skills are included. A section entitled “Math in the Home” suggests ways parents can make practical applications of math concepts.

Math K5 has a farm theme that makes learning fun with age-appropriate stories, colorful illustrations, and connections to real-world problems. Your child (and you!) will make friends with Farmer Brown, Mrs. Brown, and Cheddar as they count animals, add plants to the garden, and measure the length of a fence. Daily classroom review provides a 5 to 10 minute practice session while chapter, cumulative, and section reviews provide additional opportunities for reinforcement.

Kit includes:

  • Teacher’s Edition with CD
    • Instructional aids
    • Full-color charts for individual or small-group practice
    • 1-2-3 Write pages and Math Board suggestions for the practice and review of concepts
    • Extended Activities for stretching the student’s application level
  • Student Worktext
  • Student Manipulatives Packet

Join the farm fun and teach your child that math is exciting and practical. Order Math K5 (4th Edition) by BJU Press today!

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