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Children are always curious and always learning! K5 Beginnings (3rd Edition) from BJU Press teaches listening, oral composition, phonics, art, activities, songs, motor skills, science, and Heritage Studies.


Children are always curious and always learning! Why not build a sturdy foundation for future education and life skills now? K5 Beginnings (3rd Edition) provides a springboard for your child to excel in reading and writing skills and equips him or her for future academic success. K5 Beginnings aims to:

  • Foster a love of learning
  • Set the stage for comprehension-centered reading
  • Provide phonics instruction in a logical format
  • Use composition activities to promote a connection between reading and writing

K5 Beginnings uses a variety of teaching methodologies in order to target the learning style and abilities of your child. Unit and lesson themes lay the groundwork for future Science and Heritage Studies courses.

K5 Beginnings studies include:

  • Listening
  • Oral composition
  • Phonics
  • Art
  • Activities
  • Songs
  • Motor skills
  • Science
  • Heritage Studies

Reading Books for K5 let your child practice reading skills and comprehension to grow reading fluency.

Kit includes:

  • Teacher’s Edition (2 volumes)
  • Student Worktext
  • Reading Books Teacher’s Edition
  • Reading Books for K5 (32 books)
  • Phonics Practice for K5
  • Phonics and Review Cards
  • Phonics Charts and Homeschool Packet
  • Visuals Homeschool Flip Chart
  • Phonics Songs CD

Build your child’s learning foundation in his or her unique way with K5 Beginnings (3rd Edition) from BJU Press. Order today from Curriculum Express!

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1 review for K5 Beginnings Textbook Kit from BJU Press

  1. Kristin Chemnitz

    Excellent kindergarten program that incorporates phonics, language arts (handwriting, comprehension, composition), science, social studies, music, motor development, and art. Colorful and engaging, Beginnings K5 offers students a solid foundation for developing reading skills.

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