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Interactive Science offers an engaging, hands-on learning experience for students. The print and digital update of Interactive Science delivers the best in classroom technology, and brings the fun back into class while building the skills students need to think like scientists and engineers.

Recommended fro Grade 8.

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The consumable, interactive Student Worktext is the center of instruction. Weekly chapters are broken down into individual daily lessons, and include 3-6 lessons with inquiry labs, and an end-of-chapter study guide, review, and assessment section; a “science matters” feature at the very end looks at the application of science to real-world issues. Some topics covered in this book are:  solids, liquids, gases, motion, energy, and electricity.

PLEASE NOTE: Online access to is not available for the consumer market at this time.

This Grade 8 Interactive Homeschool Bundle Includes :

  • Student Worktext
  • Code for a Teacher’s Edition e-Text
  • Parents Guide Download

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Interactive Science is a next generation K-8 science program featuring an innovative write-in student edition (grades 1-8) that makes learning personal, relevant, and engaging. Your child will get all of the content, interactivity, and practice they need between the covers of a single book. Your child will interact with science through the many labs and hands-on activities throughout the student worktext. • Detailed lesson plans make instruction easy • In-depth, hands-on activities throughout each lesson engage your child • “Got It?” checkpoints ensure your child understands the material • Understanding By Design model leads students to a deeper understanding of science concepts Each homeschool bundle includes a Parent Guide, Write-In Student Edition, and online Teacher’s Edition eText. Student online access is not available at this time. **Please note the Teacher’s Edition eText is accessible for one full year, online only. Individual pages cannot be printed.** Thank you for your interest in Pearson Homeschool. Our product packages were designed with the homeschool community in mind.