Interactive Science Grade 3 Homeschool Bundle from Pearson Homeschool

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The Interactive Science Homeschool Bundle offers an engaging, hands-on learning experience for students. The write-in Student Edition nurtures the inquisitive side of your child and engages them in new ways.

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The Interactive Science Homeschool Bundle from Pearson Homeschool will help your student discover important answers with engaging, fun activities!

By the end of the program, your child should be able to:

  • Collect data during experiments and use it to come to a conclusion
  • Experiment with three states of matter: solids, liquids, and gases
  • Explain how the sun and moon can affect earth’s climate
  • Use graphs to explain the climate zone locations on planet earth

The Interactive Science Homeschool Bundle includes a Write-In Student Edition, Teacher’s Edition eText, and Parent Guide.

The Write-In Student Edition covers four distinct units:

  • Unit A: Science Engineering and Technology
  • Unit B: Life Science
  • Unit C: Earth Science
  • Unit D: Physical Science

Each chapter begins with an engaging question and activity to focus your child on the Big Question of the chapter.

Each lesson includes:

  • An Investigate It! project that ties the lessons together
  • Vocabulary cards
  • Games
  • Study guide
  • Chapter review questions

Please Note: Online access to is not available for the consumer market at this time.

The Teacher’s Edition e-Text provides all the instruction content you will need:

  • Lesson plans with instruction notes
  • Time needed for each lesson
  • Information to engage your child, monitor comprehension, and provide extra support
  • Content Refresher sections provide background on the material
  • Objectives
  • Expectations
  • Materials
  • Time involved
  • Discussion questions
  • Lab answers

Please Note: the Teacher’s Edition e-Text is accessible only online, and you will not be able to print individual pages.

The Parent Guide highlights the main elements of the student and teacher materials and provides guidance on setting up your lesson plan, pacing, and adapting the curriculum to fit your family.

Take a fun, fascinating, functional journey of discovery with The Interactive Science Homeschool Bundle from Pearson Homeschool! Order today from Curriculum Express!

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1 review for Interactive Science Grade 3 Homeschool Bundle from Pearson Homeschool

  1. Stephanie M.

    This engaging, colorful course is filled with experiments and hands-on learning opportunities. Students will learn about scientific tools, lab reports, and more while using higher level and critical thinking skills. The workbook is very student friendly and filled with fun activities!

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Interactive Science by Pearson Science is a next-generation K through 8 science program designed with the homeschool community in mind. Interactive Science features an innovative write-in student edition (grades 1 through 8) that makes learning personal, relevant, and engaging. Your child will get all of the content, interactivity, and practice they need between the covers of a single book and will interact with science through the many labs and hands-on activities throughout the student work text.

What's Included?

Interactive Science programs include detailed lesson plans that make instruction easy. There are in-depth, hands-on activities throughout each lesson to engage your child, as well as “Got It?” checkpoints to ensure your child understands the material. Plus, the Understanding By Design model leads students to a deeper understanding of science concepts.

Each homeschool bundle includes a Parent Guide, Write-In Student Edition, and online Teacher’s Edition eText. Student online access is not available at this time. Please note: the Teacher’s Edition eText is accessible for one full year, online only. Individual pages cannot be printed.

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