Handwriting Desk Card (single) by A Reason for Handwriting


Does your student need extra help learning handwriting?

These sturdy 5.5″ x 4.5″ desk cards feature the complete cursive alphabet on one side, and manuscript on the other. Numbered directional arrows indicate the proper letter formation.

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  It's a fact! When children enjoy a class, learning is greatly enhanced and retention greatly increased. A Reason For Handwriting®  provides a fun, meaningful approach to developing handwriting skills. Lessons Based on Scripture Verses!       Every weekly lesson in A Reason For Handwriting®  is built around one carefully-selected Scripture verse. Verses are chosen not only for proper letter combinations, but also inspirational content. And when children spend the week working on a specific verse, that Scripture becomes locked in their memories for a lifetime! Daily Practice Lasts a Lifetime!       A Reason For Handwriting®  focuses on regular, daily practice—10 to 15 minutes of perfecting practice each day! The format is fun, flexible, and easy-to-use for both teacher and student.       A complete K - 6th curriculum, A Reason For Handwriting® offers student desk cards, alphabet wall sheets, letter formation charts, vocabulary lists, daily lesson plans, and much more. Detailed Teacher Guidebooks provide a wealth of enrichment ideas, and help meet both remedial and advanced student needs.