Greek Alphabet Code Cracker by Classical Academic Press

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Greek Alphabet Code Cracker is an excellent supplement for Song School Greek or Greek for Children Primer AThis workbook text is a great introduction to Greek for students of all ages.

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In Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, understanding the Greek alphabet is the key to decoding clues and recovering the stolen Urn of Achilles! Students will learn all of the Greek letters, from Alpha to Omega, along with their phonetic pronunciations. Students will practice writing the letters and, in the process, they will gather clues from witnesses and trace the path of the thief! This workbook text is an excellent introduction to Greek for students of all ages.


  • Full-color workbook text
  • 8 chapters, to be completed approximately 1 chapter per week, depending on student age
  • Students will learn all of the consonant and vowels sounds, as well as the consonant blends and diphthongs (vowel blends or combinations), through systematic, phonetic lessons
  • An excellent preparation for Song School Greek or Greek for Children Primer A

For grades 1 and up

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