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This course is designed to be the last science course the student takes before high school biology. The course discusses such topics as the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, weather, the structure of the earth, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity, and astrophysics.

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A body at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. Is your child lacking the motivation needed to study God’s magnificent Creation? Exploring Creation with Physical Science, from Apologia, presents physical science in a fun, fascinating way with a Biblical worldview. The author especially concentrates on the myths generated by the environmentalist movement. There are many hands-on experiments to do, and they all use household chemicals and supplies. It is an excellent course for preparing the student to take a college-prep high school science curriculum and is designed to be the last science course the child takes before high school biology.

The text discusses such topics as:

  • The atmosphere
  • The hydrosphere
  • Weather
  • The structure of the Earth
  • Environmentalism
  • The physics of motion
  • Newton’s Laws
  • Gravity
  • Astrophysics

The two books in this set include the Student Textbook and Solutions and Test Manual. The hardbound Student Textbook contains all the student material, on-your-own questions and solutions, laboratory exercises, and chapter study guides. The softbound Solutions Test Manual contains answers to chapter study guides, tests, and test solutions. The companion CD-ROM is the multimedia companion to the printed general science textbook. It contains all of the multimedia add-ons that can be found on the Exploring Creation with General Science CD-ROM, but excludes the text of the course. This is the perfect item for those who want to use a printed textbook but are interested in the extras that can be found on the CD-ROM. An audio CD is also available! The CD is a complete audio recording of the book, read by a homeschool father. The CD contains the text portion of each module and the on-your-own questions, but does not contain laboratory experiments, study guides, tests, or test solutions. This is the perfect accompaniment to the book for students who are auditory learners, slower readers, or who have various learning disabilities that make reading difficult.

**Math Prerequisite: 7th grade math; recommended as 8th grade course, but can be used for 9th grade course work.

Discover God’s wisdom and power as seen in our surroundings with Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Apologia. Order today from Curriculum Express!

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1 review for Physical Science Book Set from Apologia

  1. Lisa Nehring

    Exploring Creation with Physical Science is an easy to read text, written by Dr. Jay Wile in a conversational style. 16 modules cover the basics of Physical Science and are an excellent introduction to higher level High School Science. Highly recommended!

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