Character and Skills for Home and Career Chapter 2 Text from Paradigm

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Character and Skills for Home and Career course is designed to build positive character and introduce teenagers to basic tools and skills needed to save money and gain employment to pay for college expenses. This high school elective course is worth one transcript credit.


Character and Skills for Home and Careers consists of five soft-cover chapters and five companion student activity books. Section quizzes and chapter tests measure student competencies.

The course is designed to build positive character and introduce teenagers to basic tools and skills needed to save money and gain employment. Students learn skills pertaining to electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and mechanics, as well as time management and finances. Each of the 75 lessons begins with a narrative involving teenage characters who learn life skills while participating in home, shop, or community projects. The course is especially advantageous for students who need practical guidance in employment and domestic relationships. Tools are suggested, but not required.

Character and Skills for Home and Careers was designed to equip youth with domestic and employment skills necessary for careers or needed to work their way through college without borrowing money for tuition and books.  A major benefit is that students learn how to perform maintenance on home and business equipment.

Character and Skills for Home and Careers is worth one high school transcript. The companion activity books help students work through the course in regular classrooms, shop, or guided individualized learning programs. This excellent elective course is highly recommended for every high school student.

Chapter 2 includes:
Key topics: This chapter introduces the student to basic concrete and carpentry skills as a local teenage baseball team helps improve their city park by designing and building a shed for storing baseball equipment. Students learn about the use of basic tools such as a hoe, shovel, rake, hammer, framing square, compass, level, measuring tape, trowel, float and hand saw. The course introduces students to basic geometry associated with preparing a foundation, walls and roof of a small shed. A group of local men serve as role models to teach the boys about carpentry, cooperation, and commitment. Students also learn how to shop for the best prices for supplies.

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