5th Grade Bible Truths Textbook Kit from BJU Press


Would you like to teach your child to love and trust the Lord? Bible Truths 5: Living in God’s Love (4th Edition) from BJU Press teaches your child to joyfully trust God.


God is pleased with childlike faith. Would you like to teach your child to love and trust the Lord? Bible Truths 5: Living in God’s Love (4th Edition) from BJU Press is a colorful, fun worktext filled with practically written activities that reinforce understanding and application of Bible truths to help each student become a responsible, involved, and effective child of God.Children will learn about fascinating Old and New Testament characters, such as Joseph, Samson, Daniel, Jonah, Jesus, Philip, and Paul.

Children will also study the themes of Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. As children interact with God’s Word, they will appreciate who God is and what He has done. Your child will learn eternal truths by studying Biblical accounts, applying Biblical principles to everyday life through stories, memorizing Scripture with understanding, singing hymns, and practicing Bible study skills. Watch your child learn to use cross-references, a concordance, and a Bible dictionary.

Bible Truths 5 Teacher’s Edition helps teachers foster a Christian worldview in their students while introducing more abstract spiritual growth concepts, such as God’s judgment and grace, holiness, set-apartness, and the foundations for Christian living.

The Teacher’s Edition includes:

  • Detailed, daily lesson plans
  • Comprehensive document explaining major Biblical doctrines
  • New “Explaining the Gospel” section
  • Updated “Bible Truths for Christian Growth” section
  • New section filled with activities to help aid in the understanding and memorization of Bible verses
  • Lessons that integrate the missionary story Mik-Shrok and the application novel, Songbird (Novels sold separately)
  • Revised unit review sections, and more

Kit includes:

  • Teacher’s Edition with CD (180 lessons)
    • Application stories
    • Discussion questions
    • Activity pages
    • Bulletin-board designs
    • Most of the hymns and songs
    • Electronic copies of the Student Materials Packet and the Teacher’s Visual Packet
  • Student Worktext
  • Tests
  • Tests Answer Key

Instill everyday, practical faith and obedience to God in your child; Order Bible Truths 5: Living in God’s Love (4th Edition) by BJU Press today!

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