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A good starting point is the award-winning homeschool elementary science curriculum Exploring Creation with Astronomy. Get the 2nd Edition Astronomy Junior Journal from Apologia as your child’s individual notebook. Full description below!

Grades K-2


Who has not looked up at the sky and marveled at the sheer beauty and number of the stars, or the craters of the moon, or wondered what makes a planet a planet? Where does one begin to study God’s Creation?

A good starting point is the brand new, second edition, award-winning homeschool elementary science curriculum Exploring Creation with Astronomy. Get the accompanying 2nd Edition Astronomy Junior Journal from Apologia.

This beautifully designed full color notebooking journal is the perfect companion to the 2nd Edition Astronomy Textbook. The activities in this junior journal provide everything your child needs to complete the assignments in the course. In addition to a suggested lesson schedule, it serves as your child’s individual notebook and provides a place for them to complete assignments, record their experiments, and display their workThe junior version includes activities and pages geared to younger children such as: primary writing lines, coloring pages, and interesting and fun vocabulary activities. 

In the 2nd Edition Junior Journal, you will find:

  • Biblical wisdom used throughout the textbook
  • Infographics to help children see information in an understandable format
  • 14 lessons updated with current scientific data
  • Wisdom from Above and Think About This callout boxes which give special attention to God as Creator
  • A new color-coordinated schedule for the textbook, notebooking journals, and lab kit
  • Fresh layouts for activities found within the textbook
  • All new full-color illustrations
  • Space to journal each textbook and notebook activity

Exploring Creation with Astronomy begins with a lesson on the nature of astronomy, then covers the major structures of our solar system.

Starting with the sun and working towards Pluto, the student will learn details about all nine planets (or is it eight? – your student will have to decide) in the solar system. Along the way, the student will learn about Earth’s moon, the asteroid belt, and the Kuiper belt.

After that, the student will move outside our solar system and learn about the stars and galaxies that make up God’s incredible universe. Finally, the student will learn about space travel and what it takes to be an astronaut!

We recommend that you spend the entire school year covering this book, devoting approximately two sessions per week to the course.

Take a cosmic journey with your child to explore God’s handiwork in a Christian spaceship! Order 2nd Edition Astronomy Junior Journal by Apologia today from Curriculum Express!

*Please note: The first edition Notebooking Journals do not coordinate with the updated textbook.

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