11th Grade United States History Textbook Kit (High School) 4th Edition


United States History tells the story of our nation’s history from its discovery and colonization to the present day. Special attention is given to God’s providence and America’s Christian heritage. This high school level textbook presents US history in an engaging narrative style that brings history to life!


Teach your teenager about the history of the United States from a biblical perspective with the United States History curriculum from BJU Press. Study the forces, events, issues, and people that shaped our nation from pre-Columbus days to the elections of 2010. Encourage your homeschooler to think critically about the material, not just memorize a collection of facts. It is easy to understand, interesting, and helps you understand the relevance of events and see how things fit together.

United States History traces American history from the time of the European discovery to the 2010 election. Your child sees the influence of physical geography and the development of the free-enterprise system. Your child analyzes the structure of the U.S. government relative to various facets of American culture and historical periods. This course emphasizes God’s role as the Author of history and His working in our nation.

The United States History Subject Kit contains everything necessary for successfully teaching United States History:

  • Student text
  • Teacher’s edition
  • Tests
  • Test answer key
  • Student and teacher activity manuals

This educational course can be taken at home at any point in a student’s High School career.

Home School Programs and complete support in structuring a full year of homeschooling curriculum are available at Bridgeway Academy.

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