1 Student Family Math Package Online Edition from A+

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Our Family Math Packages are specially designed to cater to individual and family needs.


Our Family Math Packages meet both individual and family needs. They allow you to change the grade level for any student at any time!

This is great for those needing review from previous grade levels or who want to move ahead.

Our Family Math Packages are extremely affordable, making them the perfect fit for any size family and budget.

Available in 1- through 4-student packages.

The Family Math packages include comprehensive course content accessible from anywhere with high speed internet access.

A+ Interactive Homeschool Math fits your child’s individual learning style!

Learning MATH is fun and easy using:

  • Audio
  • Colorful computer-animated visuals
  • Text

It will keep your child’s attention and make learning fun and challenging!

Order today and start building a strong math and family foundation!

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• A+ Multi-Sensory Interactive MATH Curriculum CD Software makes learning MATH fun and easy by using audio, colorful computer animated visuals and text. It provides ample opportunity to learn using as many real-life situations as possible and practice problem solving with step-by-step solutions. Computerized lessons with automatically graded interactive quizzes and printable worksheet & exams where students are required to show their work makes this a complete and such great MATH curriculum. This allows sufficient involvement from parents while taking the burden of teaching MATH away from them. • A+ Multi-Sensory Interactive MATH online program provides everything you need to give your child a solid foundation in math. Each lesson is reinforced with quizzes, worksheets, and exams that can be completed online - or printed out for a more traditional learning experience. Everything available online. Highlights: Easy to use and self-paced. Engaging and Fun. Comprehensive course contents. Automatic re-teaching. Saves valuable time. Establishes strong foundation and challenges students.