Zaner Bloser

Strong communication skills make a world of difference. And with explicit handwriting instruction, your students can become more effective communicators.

It is proven that better handwriting skills lead to better literacy skills—and better literacy skills lead to more effective communication.

Developmentally appropriate handwriting instruction, delivered in a consistent, ongoing manner, is a proven critical component of overall literacy development. With Zaner-Bloser Handwriting, you will:

  • Support early reading and writing development through print awareness and improved letter recognition
  • Strengthen students’ ability to self-regulate
  • Encourage ongoing literacy growth to improve written communications
  • Reduce the need for handwriting-related intervention

With Zaner-Bloser Handwriting, you will provide your students with a vital literacy skill. What’s more, you’ll develop your students’ ability and confidence to write in any situation—from the highly personal to the very public.

So whether your students are writing a simple thank-you letter, taking notes in class, or composing an essay on the computer, together we’ll be shaping effective communicators for today’s world.