Singapore Math approaches math with the distinct goal of teaching students to think mathematically. Students are challenged to take the skills of math to the next level with challenging word problems and analytical math practice activities.

The Singapore Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition (for grades 1-6) series of elementary math textbooks and workbooks uses a progression from the concrete concept to the pictorial to the abstract.

This takes students from the basic concrete instruction (illustrated clearly with pictures and diagrams) to abstract concepts that engage them at an analytical level. This approach develops students who are able to think mathematically, to engage in an active thinking process and to communicate mathematical ideas. Thus, Singapore Math sets out to prepare students for more advanced mathematics.

The Singapore New Elementary Mathematics Syllabus D—Levels 1-4 are designed for grades 7-10. In the Syllabus D series, students are challenged to develop a stronger understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications. The goal is to develop students who are proficient in problem solving, mathematical reasoning and higher order thinking. The books integrate algebra, geometry and trigonometry throughout each level.

The Singapore Math program is a favorite among schools and homeschoolers seeking a more advanced approach to math. We recommend that you purchase the additional activity books to ensure the practice and repetition needed to master each concept.