Quality Science Labs

Quality Science Labs makes practical science affordable for schools and homeschoolers.

With kits aligned to top science publishers (including Apologia, BJU Press, ACE and AOP) teachers and parents can provide that extra edge to students seeking a science lab to correlate with instruction.

Designed to be used up to five times, schools and parents can teach science on a budget and ensure that students have everything they need to perform the experiments that make learning fun and enjoyable.

These innovative science lab kits for home schools and small schools are academically sound and “ready-to-go.” The labs help to make teaching science easy regardless of the parent, instructor or teacher’s experience or science background.

Quality Science Labs titles include:

  • Earth Science
  • Micro Physical Science
  • Biology
  • Micro Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry Add-on (to enhance Micro-Chemistry)
  • Advanced Micro-Chemistry for AP level
  • Physics

Quality Science Labs kits are:

  • Teacher and instructor friendly
  • Fast, easy set up and clean up
  • Well written, step-by-step manuals that guide you and your students through each experiment
  • Any clean table can be a laboratory
  • Great for homeschool parents and instructors teaching in or out-of-field
  • Cost effective way to provide a real hands-on laboratory
  • Designed to offer time savings and be more predictable than standard labs
  • Makes science teaching accessible and achievable by almost anyone
  • All kits are coordinated with popular text books.
  • Makes science-teaching accessible and achievable by almost anyone

Each science kits offer step by step instructions that lead students through real science experiments that help them better understand science topics.