Mr. D Math


What’s in each Mr. D Math self-paced Online Curriculum?

  • 12 chapters of video-based instruction (Mac and PC compatible)
  • Coursework for each section of each chapter
  • 12 chapter tests
  • Two semester exams
  • A comprehensive solution manual
  • An online gradebook
  • Enrollment in the Mr. D Math virtual learning center
  • The opportunity to attend a live, online help session with the Mr. D Math teaching staff once each week throughout the academic year (August to May)


What Makes This Program Different?

  • Students (and parents) have a built-in teaching partner. You’re not stuck with a boring workbook that you can’t figure out on your own!
  • Students and parents have online access to the Mr. D Math teaching staff for questions and support.
  • Students use a online video format to review lessons at home as well as in the classroom.
  • Examples and solutions are hand-written, and the students watch the teacher’s hand doing the writing. Research shows that this increases comprehension and retention.
  • Learning “math as a language” is a top focus.
  • The program caters to multiple “math learning styles” to communicate effectively with tactile, imaginative, and logical learners.
  • The comprehensive solution manual shows each and every answer worked out step by step.
  • Students score their own coursework and exams, to further deepen the learning process.