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What is God’s Design for Science by Answers in Genesis? It’s a program that approaches all topics from a Biblical worldview, showing how science supports the Genesis account of creation.

Revised and Expanded

God’s Design for Science 4th Edition homeschool curriculum, created for children grades 3 through 8, provides full-color textbooks, each with 35 concise, easy-to-teach lessons that use a fun, hands-on approach kids love (like using ordinary household items for experiments and activities).

Using God’s Design in Your Homeschool

The textbooks in God’s Design for Science by Answers in Genesis are specially written to be used with multiple grades. The main part of each lesson is appropriate for grades 3 through 8. In addition, each book includes a unique “Challenge” section with deeper teaching and more difficult experiments, specially designed for the middle school grades, 6 through 8. You only need to complete the sections that apply to your student’s grade level.

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